Monday, September 27, 2010

Humpback Whale Necropsy, Cape Cod Part 3

We knew we definitely wanted to see the whale one last time, and the thought of seeing some internal parts were rather intriguing as well. These were our final hours on the Cape, so we had to use them wisely. We awoke early, and headed out. We arrived on the scene.

 and for a while the wind was at our back, and things smelled okayish. We were a distance away, but we saw them cutting large chunks off,

 and the opening revealed large sections of organs. They had dug a huge pit in which they were burying the soft tissues of the carcass as they processed them.

Marlin and I decided to walk over to that side to see how much stuff was in the pit. That was a huge mistake.

Can we talk about the most horrendous, gut wrenching smell I have ever inhaled? I could not catch my breath, and was dry heaving my way out of there.
So we went back to the original spot we were at, whilst gladly thanking the universe for not puking my guts out on the beach in front of many. We saw a trailer in which they were putting neat artifacts in, which they intended to keep. Like this:

The tailbone.
 We observed a little while more.
Until the wind changed directions, and it became just too much to handle.

We decided to head back the the Monomoy Wildlife Refuge. I remembered they had lots of whale bones that the kids could put their hands on.
They really had no interest in the bones when we last visited.

But that morning Ev spotted them right away, and spent a long time handling them and asking a lot of questions.

That kind of interest piqued learning makes my Mama heart beat a little faster, you know. We decided to poke around in there just a little more.
And then take a final walk down to the beach for a last look before heading back to camp to pack up.
It was a unique way to wrap up our trip to the ocean to look for some marine creatures.
 Even though we never spotted a shark, we truly were served up more than we bargained for. This was an outstanding trip on so many levels. I really would love to do it again, next year.
Maybe a new tradition?


Heart Rockin Mama said...

Sounds like a plan. Except, maybe not the dry heaving!

Jessica said...

Count me in!