Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First week of school

I know many kids in our area have started back into the school year. And I guess we have our own zany version.
 See, our weekday mornings go a little something like this:
We may not take a yellowy bus anywhere,

but we've got red and yellowy dogs who keep pace with us most days.
There are no teachers at our little place of learning today,

 and there never is.
 Our play yard is simple, some would say run down,

and no place for children to play.

Our school's dress code is,


rather unique.

We certainly do use backpacks, all the time. There may not be texts in them,

but if you were to get stranded in the woods, you would definitely survive the night.
We use big sticks to practice our letters,

some little folks are just not ready to hurt their fingers trying to manipulate a teeny yellow twig.

We do not need to be be constantly reminded to sit still,

or to get down,

so we don't hurt ourselves.
Our class mates often act like animals,

and they get up to eat when ever they wanna.
That's ok, they don't seem to distract us, or diminish our retention, because we are so into what we are doing.
We feel no need to pick on those who are smaller,

or the odd ones who stay in their own flocks,

just to boost ourselves up.
 We just speak softly, and gently smile at them, as we exercise extreme patience while our biology experiment unfolds quietly in the corner of our lovely place of learning,

 on this particular "school" day.


Stephanie said...

Aaaaaw... so sweet, Kim!!
Love this.

Robbins Zoo said...

I LOVED this!!! Thank You for sharing. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what we are doing.. I find it so reassuring and inpiring to see other families thinking outside the box. :o)

Jessica said...

Love it Kim! Inspiring.

Shel said...

Another fabulous post but another fabulous unschooling mama! You rock!

Andrea said...

I love it!~ And we are right there with you! I want to see the inside of your chicken coop, we are trying to design one right now, converting a playhouse into a coop. If you are inclined....

mamak said...

Sure, I will take pictures once the storm passes.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Lovely post.