Friday, September 17, 2010

Cape Cod Pt.1

What do you, when you want to camp one last time for the season, and one of your children are so passionate about sharks, AND Great White sharks have been spotted repeatedly on the East Coast mere hours North of you?
You pack your crap up, and road trip to camp on Cape Cod!
This was probably one of the best short get aways we have taken.

We spent it with great people, and some great things just sort of happened.
 The first afternoon we arrived, it was just us. Our friends were not coming until the next day.
So we set up our little home away from home, and set out to explore.
Everyone wanted food and a beach.
We found both down at the Chatham fishing pier. It had an awesome beach for the kids, and some damn fine fried sea food as well.
 And let me tell you about the crabs on this beach!

They were the largest crabs we have ever caught!

They tried to pinch us, but we had on our ninja hands!

We saw a lot of seals swimming in the harbor, and were able to hear them moaning like ghosts out in the water. We stayed until dark, and then headed back to use the jenga blocks the way we like to.

We had a nice sleep, and were up with the sun to check out another location. We headed over to Monomoy national wildlife refuge. It had a pretty cool little Cape Cod nature museum. and then a serene walk down to this awesome beach. No seals this time, but loads of tidal pools,

 and horse shoe crab molts, and big hermit crabs! We were so excited to bring our friends back here when they arrived.

Kaya was using eagle eyes all weekend trying to spot the fins of the elusive Great White in which we had come in search of. All the kids have claimed to see fins on this trip...

 But this time it turned out to be a diving Cormorant for sure. We had a blast and spent a few hours just beach combing. We headed back for lunch and to met up with our friends, and help them set up their tent.

Ev just wanted to spend some time poking a rotting log with a knife.

You know, joy is in the little things sometimes!


marcia @Child in Harmony said...

Sounds and looks like a great time!
Hope to see you guys sometime soon!

love to the duck!
happy day!

Stephanie said...

You know that I'm crazy for tidepools.
As crazy as I am about Frogs!!

denise said...

Fun! That is exactly what my son dreams of doing.

Andrea said...

I am so jealous, we would love to join you on this adventure. We are just far enough that the Cape is a pretty big trip for us (6 hours).

FreeMamaof2 said...

Wow! Looks like a great trip all around. :) Awesome!