Monday, September 20, 2010

Cape Cod part 1 1/2

Our friends came, and we got to hanging out and enjoying the place together. We had such an amazing time. The kids had a ball together, and I could not have picked better folks to just thoroughly enjoy a place with.
 They rocked.
I kinda guess we rocked too...
 So we headed back to the first beach at Chatham Piers. That beach out of the two that we visited had many more rocks that the kids could overturn.
 We were not disappointed. We were so excited to have found a very tiny lobster.

It was really cute!
And of course there were lots of crabs. This time we played it safe and handled the littler ones.

On our way back to the cars, we noticed a fishing boat loading up. These guys were out to catch Tuna. It took them 18 -22 hours to get to their destination. They were allowed to catch 4 blue tunas that usually weighed between 600-800 pounds.

 Then we went out for dinner,
and straight home to bed.
We needed to rest up, little did we know what great adventure was in store for the next day...


Jessica said...

Next time I get the opportunity to take a trip with you guys I am SO going. I am kicking myself for not arranging to borrow my cousin's cottage!

Stephanie said...