Monday, August 2, 2010


Remember the baby snakes?
Yeah well, we don't have them any longer..
One sadly died from a blockage. One got lost in the house and I found it in the yard two weeks later (how bizarre?)
 The other was really bitey.
Then a co worker of Addy's, offered up an adult corn. She is gentle and big.

 Her name is Checkers.

 The other two lost interest in the snakes for whatever reason, but Ev loves his girl.

So we rehomed the two baby snakes with two ladies who adore them.
Happiness all around.
 And now we just have Checkers.

 You never know how interests will grow. Sometimes they blossom in to a huge passion, and other times they turn out to be not what you expected, and you move onto a new experience. It is easy to say yes to a child and let them take what they need from a situation they wish to participate in, if you know that in the end, you can make it work out for everyone.
It can be done with nearly everything.

Even live things. Responsibility for the animal is making sure the animal is cared for, not in keeping it to make your child responsible. If the child is no longer wanting to care for the creature then ensuring the animal goes to a home where it is truly loved is true compassion.
Letting the animal go to a better situation is a wonderful lesson.
When you realize that you can say yes to many many situations, it is so liberating for both you and your child.

Maybe even to a few snakes.


varunner said...

Nice that it all worked out. I really like the name Checkers for a corn snake.

Anonymous said...

she's a beauty! my oldest has been asking for a snake and we said, "absolutely! let's look into a corn snake or a garter snake." it turns out you can't get them here. you can only buy native reptiles. the only native snakes that aren't deadly venemous are pythons! and as it turns out he'll have to get a special permit which he can't get until he's atleast 10! he's counting the days...emmm years :)

mamak said...

Ball pythons or maybe there they are called royal pythons are great kid snakes. Maybe he can hang with a leopard gecko until then? We really enjoy ours! Pretty cool lizard.

MamaTea said...

Love it - they both look quite peachy with each other. :) Snakes are the coolest!

Ruralmama said...

What a beautiful corn snake! I've, strangely enough, only ever seen a albino one up close. Just lovely!

julie said...

great snake!

love what you had to say - hummm maybe I will let Sage get a snake and give it a try : )

Stephanie said...

' Guess I just read and didn't comment a while back.

Love this story. :)

Jessica said...

Great post! We have had animals come and go but we always knew that when they went it was to someplace better able to care for them than we were.

The latest is our frogs. Right now they seem to be fine but when they are full grown, my girls know that one will have to go to make their environment cleaner, healthier and ultimately to make the frogs happier.

Thanks for reminding me that we can say yes and teach them that responsibility is not always hanging on to something we can't use/care for but responsibility is learning to do the best for our belongings, both living and non-living.