Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Up to?

Well, we have just been hanging out trying to savor the last bits of summer. Soon enough, fall will approach, and it will be cold. I will miss the warmness, greeness, and buzzing, and all other lively things of summer. But we'll just deal with all that later. For now we've been,
Hanging out with friends,



and lots,

and lots,

of swinging.
Even Mama!



Ichneumon wasp spotting,

 crazy weird bug.
Garrison Keilloring,

Also been reading like crazy, hanging out with friends, baking, watching old baby videos and of younger days,
 Spending time at the barn as we can't as much when the very cold settles in. Planning a visit to the Cape to try and spot the Great White's. Planning a right after Christmas trip to visit a new niece, a nephew, a Brother/Uncle a very awesome SIL, some Volcanos, and migrating Humbacks in Hawaii. Researching what handheld GPS unit would fit our needs for hiking, and geocaching. Gonna pick out a new carpet, and a paint color as a winter house project.
Just the usual grind around here.


Andrea said...

Sounds like lots of fun! We are heading to the Cape next week (that is why we are missing the conference). I hope to do some whale watching and whatever else happens to be off-shore spotting as well!

mamak said...

Whale watching is fun. We'll do that this winter. It's really great to be out there with them.