Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mama ponderings

 I sat up at the barn today, and I watched my boys at play, My girl was down at the house writing a list of ingredients for her newish passion, cooking/baking. I started thinking, prompted by the autumnal weather. You know, about September. Even though we don't do school, it's hard not to keep up with the Jonses', and think of projects, things, to do with the kids. I really sat and connected with them today. Tried to seperate my fear, and how they actually were doing. Turns out they are damn smart, and beyond fine. I don't need to worry about what the kids in their age range are doing. I  decided to look at what kids their grade level are not often able to do . There were my kids, leading the way, following passions and talents, exceeding my expectations every day. Sure there are things they need to polish up on. But the things that really move them,  the stuff that truly ignites them, man, they shine. Everything is really fine. I can no longer compare. We have chosen a very different path.  Apples and oranges.You know, the scenic route versus the expressway. We'll get to the end to be sure. It may take a wee bit longer, but the drive, it will be slow and beautiful.


Stephanie said...

I read something a couple of years ago that said that if/when unschooled children are tested in the first "school" years, they might appear a ways behind.
But somewhere in the middle years, they come out way, waaaay ahead. :)

It only makes sense, doesn't it?
They're not learning according to an industrial track, they're learning according to their own hearts.

I also read something on one of Sandra Dodd's pages yesterday about if your brave enough to just WAIT (my words and sentiment), it comes so much easier and quicker for them later.
Which is also obvious - long division and such things can be explained in two sentences to a thirteen year old, and have to be drilled and drummed into a younger, un-mathematical child.

Ride, ride, ride...
let it ride.

giggle - don't know where that came from.

Kim said...

"Scenic route versus the expressway"...LOVE THAT!!! I too fall into that trap of comparing my unschooled kids to the schooled kids in terms of academic skills and you're so IS apples to oranges, why it never dawned on me in that way before I have no idea. Just gonna sit back and enjoy the view! Thanks for such a great post! :)

Jessica said...

Just because some child in public school can do long division in fourth grade does not mean that a) they understand it and b) that it matters at all to them! They have quickly learned to separate the true learning from the learning they are expected to demonstrate on a test. School has its positives and some children excel in it but my experience (having a child who excelled and one who may have but hated every step of the way) is that what they have accomplished at home is much much more real.

Rosemarie said...

This was an awesome post and you said it all so beautifully. We are doing much of the same these days- enjoying one another and connecting.


Shel said...

Even though we are just starting out on this path, I whole heartedly concur with whatever one said. Great post, Kim, and something that I will definitely keep in mind as we journey down the "scenic road"! :)

denise said...

exactly. happy, healthy, interested, creative, dynamic, engaged, brilliant...not based on multiple choice or memorization, but on life, loves and passions!

golden said...

I love your ponderings!! Oh how I miss sitting together drinking tea my friend!

Although we are not unschoolers per say - we do follow alot of the philosophy and as waldorf homeschoolers we are behind in the school race as we too are taking "the scenic route" I love that. I may have to use it - a wise woman once said....

Julie (sage is logged in and i am too lazy to change it)