Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making paper

We have been getting these science experiment kits in the mail from the young scientist club. They are pretty good, and we are enjoying them. One of the experiments in kit 1, which focus on recycling, was learning how to make new paper from old.
 We have been saying that we wanted to try this for a while, so we were pleased to find that everything we needed was right there in the package or in the kitchen.
I like convenience.
So the first thing we needed to do was tear up some old junk mail into little pieces,

 and that seems more fun, to some, to do nakedly.
Then we added a half of sheet of blue construction paper, to make it the color we wanted. We then added warm water to soften,  and blended into a mushy pulp.

Then we strained out the water, to have a damp mass of blueish pulp.

 Gave it a few hand squeezes to get some more unneeded water out.

Then we put it between two paper towels and used a rolling pin to flatten it into a sheet.

 Kaya was green from markering himself up as a super hero. We like to do our projects as we are feeling. Marked, naked, whatever.
 We put our thick flat sheet of blueish paper pulp out into the yard to dry in the sun.

 This took a few hours on a hot sunny day.
Success! Fun stuff....


julie said...

we tried that once and were not very successful - we may have to try again!

Cam said...

I bet recycling is more fun in the buff... :)

Thanks for the link, I have to check these kits out!!

Stephanie said...

I have no idea why we've never tried to make paper.
It's definitely time, I think.
With some lavender and petals, too, I think.