Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Compost demonstrated

Our science kit touched on recycling this week, and composting came up.
The kids understood the concept and wanted to see it in action.
We aren't left with much to compost. Between the chickens, goats, horses, and dogs, we just don't have many scraps left to bury. So we made a mini compost and set out to see it work.
 So first we picked items that we thought would breakdown:
pepper, peach slice, cabbage, potato chip, lettuce
and ones we figured would not:
Plastic bread tab, saran, and plastic label, soda tab.
We sorted them,
and put the organic matter on one side and the man mades on the other.

We buried them in our dirt

 and kept them moist and waited for about 10 days.
Time to search!

After dumping our contents,

 we found all of the manmade's and only a decomposing cabbage leaf, part of a lettuce, and a nasty bit of peach.
Verrrrrry interesting.

It got us on the topic of worms.
Might gonna have to...

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Jessica said...

I have fruit flies in my compost bin despite not putting any fruit in! My research says the food must not have been buried properly. Lilah and I read that a cup of vinegar should do the trick. I have not checked since Monday. Love my worms!