Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adventures of lately

We rescued humming bird #2 of the year from the garage.

We leave the door open for one of our dogs, because he really does not like to go inside the house without being bribed or dragged, but he needs someplace cool to sleep off the afternoon sun.
But the birds see the windows in there, and they think it's a passage way.

We have remedied this by just leaving the door up enough for the dog to access, but this time we forgot, and it was full open.
She was stressed out, but eventually recovered and hummed away.

We love those little birds.
Marlin attempted to count out our change. She is wanting to go on a Disney cruise, and we are saving! She gave up after 30.00.

 I guessed we had around 400.00. I suppose we'll find out eventually. We'll fill that bucket up! It's only a 1/8th full....One of those big old Poland spring water jugs.
Then we watched Addy.  That brave, brave, man, check on the bee's.

They seem healthy, although not much honey for us this year.

But lots and lots of bee's.
I stay far away, and run when I hear the slightest buzz.
I made my youngest son take these last few,

because I am that kind of mom.


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Jessica said...

If reincarnation is real, I want to come back as your kid!