Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rockin the campground!

Jean did it again, she organized Unschoolers rock the campground 2, and it was even better than the first time! I borrowed a bunch of these photos from Jeans album, so I need to give her credit for a lot of these!
 More cool families,
 fire building,

 boffer making,

random games,

 hula hoop making,

 Artist trading cards activity,

 Roger Rabbit movie night,

and there was a music performance and community fire.

Ev found a neat way to cool off.

The camp ground is really great. Nice lake for fishing,


water critter catching,

and swimming.

There were big bugs to catch,

 and this beauty caught on camera by Jean.

We had a blast!

I have more pictures especially of the two most popular activities for our family, fishing and Boffers!

Stay tuned...


varunner said...

Wow, does that ever look fun! I just found out about artist trading cards - I didn't know kids did this too.

We got our first chicken eggs this week, finally! :-) How are yours doing?

mamak said...

Lot's of kids do it, mine haven't reall started much yet, but they trade like crazy ( other kids). Fun stuff.
Our chickens are pretty good. We have a mixed age crowd so we get eggs, but newer batch won't be ready till september, and that is when the light drops, so we'll be expecting theirs springtime. However I do have a barred rock who is sitting on about 4 eggs!

Shel said...

Oh my gosh, I am so sad we missed out on all the fun! Hopefully we can be there next year! I have never heard of Artist Trading Cards, but I guess that's not surprising since my girls are still young yet!

Andrea said...

Great pics, so glad you all enjoyed yourselves, hope to join you next year!

Stephanie said...

So, so fun.