Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holy Crecopia!

Addy found this wicked cool moth the other morning and like a good understanding husband, he woke me up and showed it to me.

 I had him put it in the butterfly habitat thingie and waited to surprise the sleeping kiddos when they awoke.
 Kaya was up first, so we googled around and quickly identified it, but I had already narrowed it down to two species, so that helped out matters a lot.
We also gleaned some info that helped us figure out that we had a girl specimen.
They loved it. But what's not to like? It is a pretty impressive creature. We found this really cool video that documents the whole transformation. Just scroll down past the Monarch video. Kaya and I watched it together. He digs interesting tid bits of info, like his Mama...
 Coolest part is that it takes nine months in a cocoon to make the full change.
 Way cool bug. We sent it on it's way, with lots of skyward staring and bye, bye bye!

Neat thing was when we were eating dinner, it flew over us out from the tree where it had landed in to rest earlier in the day.
Love when that kind of stuff happens.

 Yeah for great husbands who know how to make our morning!


varunner said...

Oh, he's gorgeous! My brother and I loved that horror movie The Mothman Prophecies when it came out. He was driving through Mount Pleasant, WV on a work trip and picked up a glow-in-the-dark Mothman t-shirt for me as a gag gift. I love it ;-)

Stephanie said...

Awesome! :)

Jessica said...

I have never seen a moth like that! Your kids are blessed to have the most amazing wildlife literally at their door!