Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Camping for us always goes hand in hand with fishing. We really like it. We try to be humane as possible. I went through a period of feeling very guilty about my pleasure in this activity. I have gotten mostly over it. I continue to try to improve my technique and am moving onto barbless hooks. Kaya has been bitten by the fishing bug big time.

He is patient and pretty good at it. I enjoy our shared pleasure in just waiting it out, together, quietly. Marlin

and Ev like it,

but not yet, to the same degree.
Anyway, lot's of pictures!
 Kaya actually got pretty good at using graham crackers as bait

 and then just netting fish

 as they were distracted by feeding.

 Ev worked at this skill for quite a while as well.

I really want to make more time for this activity, well for both camping and fishing. It's relaxing, and a pretty beautiful way to pass the hours focusing on the world and people around us.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

You guys got my kids realy into it, too. We have since bought some rods and will try them out this weekend at Marcias :)

mamak said...

Sweet! Declan and Maeve were into it! I am so glad Drue enjoyed it as well. I guess they are hooked.....

Jessica said...

I used to go fishing with my Grandfather and it is a great memory. It is a reason to slow down, appreciate nature and think about how it must have been to live off the land. My girls have gone fishing in TN - mostly with nets and dog food for bait, but they like it, especially Lilah.

Stephanie said...

I"m ready for a camping trip for a week.
It's been a while since we've done it tent-style.

I sooooooo want a pop-up.
I'll come over to borrow yours.

julie said...

Awww, I used to go fishing all the time when I was a kiddo! My older girls asks to fish sometimes--just because I won't do something now for ethical reasons doesn't mean that I won't foist the project off on one of my relatives the next time we go visit!

Cam said...

I still go fishing with my Pops! I enjoy the solitude, and the serenity! It's really a time to connect with Mother Nature and just unwind!