Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Camping for us always goes hand in hand with fishing. We really like it. We try to be humane as possible. I went through a period of feeling very guilty about my pleasure in this activity. I have gotten mostly over it. I continue to try to improve my technique and am moving onto barbless hooks. Kaya has been bitten by the fishing bug big time.

He is patient and pretty good at it. I enjoy our shared pleasure in just waiting it out, together, quietly. Marlin

and Ev like it,

but not yet, to the same degree.
Anyway, lot's of pictures!
 Kaya actually got pretty good at using graham crackers as bait

 and then just netting fish

 as they were distracted by feeding.

 Ev worked at this skill for quite a while as well.

I really want to make more time for this activity, well for both camping and fishing. It's relaxing, and a pretty beautiful way to pass the hours focusing on the world and people around us.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rockin the campground!

Jean did it again, she organized Unschoolers rock the campground 2, and it was even better than the first time! I borrowed a bunch of these photos from Jeans album, so I need to give her credit for a lot of these!
 More cool families,
 fire building,

 boffer making,

random games,

 hula hoop making,

 Artist trading cards activity,

 Roger Rabbit movie night,

and there was a music performance and community fire.

Ev found a neat way to cool off.

The camp ground is really great. Nice lake for fishing,


water critter catching,

and swimming.

There were big bugs to catch,

 and this beauty caught on camera by Jean.

We had a blast!

I have more pictures especially of the two most popular activities for our family, fishing and Boffers!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Up at the barn

These were captured by my friend Dawn, when her and her awesome kids visited earlier this week.

The barn and kids is a very special combination with a scent all it's own.
 We truly love it there.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Acids and bases

Monday, July 12, 2010



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holy Crecopia!

Addy found this wicked cool moth the other morning and like a good understanding husband, he woke me up and showed it to me.

 I had him put it in the butterfly habitat thingie and waited to surprise the sleeping kiddos when they awoke.
 Kaya was up first, so we googled around and quickly identified it, but I had already narrowed it down to two species, so that helped out matters a lot.
We also gleaned some info that helped us figure out that we had a girl specimen.
They loved it. But what's not to like? It is a pretty impressive creature. We found this really cool video that documents the whole transformation. Just scroll down past the Monarch video. Kaya and I watched it together. He digs interesting tid bits of info, like his Mama...
 Coolest part is that it takes nine months in a cocoon to make the full change.
 Way cool bug. We sent it on it's way, with lots of skyward staring and bye, bye bye!

Neat thing was when we were eating dinner, it flew over us out from the tree where it had landed in to rest earlier in the day.
Love when that kind of stuff happens.

 Yeah for great husbands who know how to make our morning!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kaya likes pink.

Especially pink duct tape!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blue jays by accident

Well, Odie (our dog),  AKA the bird eater. was walking around with a baby jay in it's mouth. We wrestled it out, fearing he worst.
But it was alive and kinda looked good for being in the jaws of death.

 So we tried to bring it back to where we heard jays calling in the woods. On our way across the creek, we found it's sibling drowning in the water.

He did not look so good.
So we found a tree, made a nest out of fern leaves on the ground at the base of the tree. We left them for about an hour until dusk.
Marlin and I made our way back to check on them right before it got too dark.. There we found them, ants crawling all over them, one on it's back, but still breathing.

So we brought them in for the night, researched what is best to feed them, which turns out to be oatmeal with crushed berries.
This morning they are outside in a box, hoping they will call to their parents.
 They look good, and they are HUNGRY!

 We will bring them back in the woods later to try again to reunite birdie babies and parents. If we are unable again, I will send them off to a rehabillitator tomorrow.

They require so much care, even as fledglings.
Plus they need to learn foraging skills, and I don't want to mess them up.

But man, they are so cute!
Happy update!: Baby birds and parents were reunited this morning!