Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Visiting Friends

After 10 months of not seeing a person who you talked to or saw a few times a week, to only maybe a phone call once a month, to finally being able to hug them again was awesome!
We fell back in the groove like old times. It was an easy few days. We both dig the same things, so they knew just what to show us and where to take us. They certainly showed us a great time. They have an awesome neck of the woods with a ton of outdoor places that were really nice. State parks, nature centers, trails. It was very cool.
We hit the trails,
in search of some venomous snakes, in which we failed.
It's on my short list for this summer though.
 Copperheads mostly.
 Stop hating..
 We went to a bluegrass festival.
The kids got to ride.
 We rode a mechanical bull, at least Addy

  Kai and I did.

I did not get a photo. Bet your sad you missed that?
 I was good.
 Real good.
We saw a piglet race.
The winner got an oreo.
There was a BBQ contest, so damn good.
Best damn brisket ever.
Had many glasses of home made Root Beer, while listen to some finger pickin'
and eating cotton candy.
It was getting hot, and the kids full and tired. So we did what most normal folks would do, we went and looked for gators. I started having this feeling that this would be a good spot when I saw this sign.
I mean I am not saying I am like super bright, but it looked promising. So we started walking around looking for signs, not metal obvious ones that say gators, but like this:
And then there on the bank was a small wiley one, which scooted into the water as soon as he saw us. We walked out onto this bridge and it was magical turtle land.
Turtles appeared, there were many, and they were wanting food. Then we noticed that the gator wanted to follow us, and see the humans.
He hung around and spied at us for a while.
It was cool.
 It was.
The next day we had a cookout at this awesome state park. We had so much water fun
We fished,
and were lucky.
But mostly we were lucky for getting to spend time with such great friends who shared their lives with us, and were kind hosts. I am so glad that we got to see them, and for all that they did for us. We dig you Edwards family!

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