Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tybee Island, and the intercoastal waterway.

After a day of romping around the city, we opted for an afternoon of sand and surf

at Tybee island.

Marlin and I walked up and down the beach and scored three prehistoric shark teeth, which are now some where in the car. Pictures when we find them!
We even got to spy a few wild bottle nose dolphins swimming not too far off. My stomach did a little drop when I saw the fin though....
Anyway, after we had enough water fun, we decided to check out the fishing pier.

We saw some rod action and wandered over to see what was at the end of the line.

We were so glad we did! A baby black tip reef shark,

 who had some very rough skin, and cute ( relatively) teeth.
We decided to wrap it up and head back to the camper. On the way, we stopped at the inter-coastal water way
 to release Marlin's message in a bottle.
She decided to put a note in a bottle telling of the date. where it was released, and that if anyone discovers the note;

 maybe they could write back about who they are how and where and when they found her bottle. I remember doing this as a kid.  I wish her luck, as I did not have much. But it was cool to do!
She chucked it out there.

and the wind brought it right on back,

 so we tried one more time and got it way out in the current. It kinda reminded us of the story of "Paddle to the Sea" in a weird green plastic sort of way. We wish you many beautiful sites and wonderful adventures, Mr. Sprite bottle.

While we were there we saw lots of signs about how it was a Manatee habitat, and a right whale area, we also saw a big old stingray swimming in the shallows. If I knew it was such an interesting place, I definitely would have come to poke around more. But unfortunately we needed to pack up, and make the long trek home. It was such a great day. It was just mostly doing stuff really.
But it couldn't be beat, and the pace was slow and lolly gaggy
Just one of those days when everybody it perfectly happy.


Cam said...

Found my way here via Ordinary Life Magic...we LOVE Savannah & Tybee. Our family lives about 45 minutes west of St. Simon's Island, so we get up to Savannah and Tybee often. We'll be in Savannah next week, actually!

I am so glad you love it! I don't know, I feel like I've lived there lifetimes before.

We always park at the Pirate's House to hoof it down River Street!

Wishing you safe traveling!

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful day!
I think this is my favorite day! Prehistoric sharks teeth, baby shark, beach combing, a pier (I so love piers), the message in a bottle... just wonderful.