Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the road again

And so it was time to say good bye.

 We had a fantastic trip. I can honestly say, if you have not guessed already, that I love Savannah.

But we could not wait to get back to frog creek either.
 We made a little stop at South of the Border, because with all those kitschy billboards, how can you not stop?
 Man, that place is a hellacious waste land. Marlin actually said it was like a redneck disneyland.
 Thank god mullet man walked out of ear shot.
 But they had these really insane hats that we could try on

and that was amusing.

 And they had a crap load of fire works, and we love those!

I also found these things called black snakes and glo worms that I vaguely remember as a kid.
 You light them like so

 and this black thing starts growing like crazy.

 Ev calls it poo.
 It's fun.
Good times.

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