Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mrs. Wilkes dining room, Savannah, GA.

The last time we were in Savannah, which was close to 5-6 years now, we wanted to eat at Mrs. Wilkes dining room. We were saddened to hear that it was closed for lengthy renovations at that time. But we were back in town and they were open and cooking. If you haven't heard of this place google and check out the reviews, it is amazing home made southern cooking.  I am talking 20 dishes put out on the table and some of the best fried chicken I have ever eaten. The wait in line can be two hours plus. They only serve from 11-2, 5 days a week. So people are always there lined up to feast. We were fierce, and we had a plan. We got there at 9:30 a.m for the 11 a.m. seating and we were first in line.
Because that's,

how we roll.

Marlin and I stayed in line and chatted with the others around us, Addy took the boys for walks, and played games on the sidewalk.

Basically, what happens is that at 11 the doors open and you are seated family style 10-12 at a table. I love dining with strangers, so I have no issues with this. We were seated with three much older couples. You could tell they were not thrilled to be seated with a young family.
Anyway, out came the food.

And we didn't hold back.
I think I will always dream of those biscuits, that chicken, and BBQ, and coleslaw, and collard greens, and..

It was amazing. If you ever go to Savannah, stand in line. Mrs. Wilkes will not disappoint.
Wear your stretchy pants.
So remember how I said the older people were not looking happy at first to be seated with kids?
At the end when we said our goodbyes to our meal companions, One couple said that they judged the kids wrong, and that they were amazed how polite and calm they were at the table. And the others nodded and told my kids nice things. I was not looking for the praise, or feeling like a swell Mama, I was happy that maybe they will give other kids chances before prematurely judging them.
My kids learned about how other people expect them to behave in public areas, and that they accomplished that.
 And the older folks walked away with a lesson of their own.

How bout them biscuits?


Jessica said...

Great post. Can't stand when people judge without first experiencing.

Chris said...

I've always dreamed about visiting Savannah. I love how with our unschooling lifestyle we can pick up and go on so many wonderful adventures.