Saturday, June 26, 2010


We found this really cool,

wickedly bright and striped caterpillar in the garden.

 We hopped online, and were able to identify it as a spicebush swallowtail.
We fed it for a few day. They strictly eat herbs like parsley, dill, carrot tops. You know, garden munchies.
It turned into a pretty green/yellow chrysalis,

and it seemed like only 10 days later we woke up to a beautiful butterfly!

We usually only seem to get moths around these parts, so this was a treat.
We released it when the Heart Rockin' family was here. Thanks, Jean for the photo.

Good times.


Stephanie said...

Wow!!! Awesome.
A gorgeous caterpillar and a gorgeous butterfly! So, so cool.

You had it in a tent, I guess? I think we'll get one next year. (and we'll order some.)

We rarely find caterpillars around here.

Lisa said...

what a beautiful caterpillar!! i love watching them turn into beautiful butterflies with the kids. it really is amazing to see!
have a great weekend

Jessica said...

Your picture of the caterpillar is stunning. Life is amazing.

mamak said...

Steph, we did not have the tent just the butterfly habitat thing like this:

Lisa, No, YOU have a great weekend!

mamak said...

Thanks Jess! Lucky shot really.

Andrea said...

Lucky shot maybe, but still awesome! You did such a great job of capturing the entire process. Love it! Do you have the book, I Took A Walk? I think that is one of the butterflies you try and find.

Dayle Greer said...

They definitely loved to eat my parsley. A few of them together can make short work of a few plants.

Dayle Greer said...

A few of them can sure make quick work of a few parsley plants.