Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Downtown Savannah.

Took a little break, but I am back at it for my final few posts of our trip. Savannah is just a really great city. And it's stinking gorgeous to boot. They have a ton of historic locations, and plenty of new things as well.
The first place we checked out, was a favorite last time because of the fresh made pralines,

 and other awesome candy made on site.

I thought the kids would really like this candy place.

I think they really did!
Next we got ourselves a trolley tour.

We love them because they take you all the places that you should really see, and you can hop on and off to delve a little deeper into the areas that interest you. Ev caught a nice snooze,

 while we got to see some great old houses and parks.

This is the Pirate house/restaurant. 

Story goes that pirates used to come in here and lure townsmen in for drinks. They would get them drunk, beat them up, and take them downstairs through these tunnels and steal them and make them work on the pirate ships. One guy escaped, and thats how the pirates got busted. You can eat there and tour this place, but we opted for ice cream instead. 

We saw some amazing live oaks,

 covered in moss. Which by now, you know how much I love. There were also these plants that grew on the oaks called resurrection ferns.

 They come to life after a good rain, and then die again when the weather dries up.
We decided to hop off the trolley in the city market area. It had such lovely parks, quaint shops, awesome art to look at. We had a great time just wandering around, munching on our candy.

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Stephanie said...

I'm sold!
Except for the humidity.
I love some humidity, you understand, just not "can't breathe" muggy humidity. (Used to that clear mountain air.)
And mold.
There's something to be said for living in a place where you just don't have to worry about it!!

Looks so, so lovely.