Saturday, June 26, 2010

camera run through!

Ok there are so many randoms, I am just gonna shoot through them with captions!
On with it:

so many bees!


Bridal showers!


Oh, how we like Hibatchi,

 and sushi!

Frog hunting.

Peacock looking.

Wild berry finding.

Backyard swimming.

You know, the not doing much of anything, that adds up pretty quickly type stuff...


Stephanie said...

woot, woot!!
that pool looks familiar! :)
though I 'spect ours is a few feet smaller (Sanford & Son you know-- not a lot of room! :) ).

Was that sushi dude wearing a pirate hat? To my mind he was - which I thought was pretty amusing.

mamak said...

It was like apirate/ cowboy hat, which is highly amusing. What size is your pool? ours is the 15x48. It may look bigger in that shot..

Rosemarie said...

Looks like you have been having lots of fun. What Hibachi do you go to?

mamak said...

In Hamden by the home depot. It's in the parking lot right before home d. I think it called Sakura. It's good...