Monday, June 7, 2010


Well we had a pretty nifty time journeying nearly 900 miles Southbound! I need to remember our trip, and since this is the place that I do that sort of documenting, I guess you can relive it with me.
If you want to?
 Our first stop was Chincoteague island Virginia. The island famed by the children's book, "Misty of Chincoteague" We picked a weird weather day to go. It was nice and roasty warm when we got there. We chartered a pontoon boat to see the wild pony herds that live there,
and this bizarre north east weather front blew in some blustery winds,  dropped the temp down to 59 with a very light mist.
 It made fog roll in. The kids were glaring at me with blue lips.
We did see the ponies, way off hiding in the trees.
Oh well.
We also learned that using the pop up for one night is a pain. Setting it up, hooking it all up unpacking,
and then reversing that 12 hours later. Not pleasant.
 It was a great trip in terms of learning what kind of places work for the kids, when it's best to say screw it and get a hotel.
 The campground did have an arcade room!
We had quarters!
It was warm!
 The next day was way much better.
We hit the national seashore,
played in the surf,
Found a nesting turtle.
Saw some ponies nestled in the trees. Couldn't really get any pictures of them. Next we took an 11 hour ride ( yes, we did it in one day) to our good friend the Edwards house in Georgia. Remember Waldorf Julie and Ryan? We got to hang out for two awesome days!

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Jessica said...

We enjoyed your facebook updates and watching you work your way there and back. Glad you are home safely. Lilah missed her friend.