Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My lovelies

 Oh, how I adore the carnivorous.

When you find a random monster truck,

have at it!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

camera run through!

Ok there are so many randoms, I am just gonna shoot through them with captions!
On with it:

so many bees!


Bridal showers!


Oh, how we like Hibatchi,

 and sushi!

Frog hunting.

Peacock looking.

Wild berry finding.

Backyard swimming.

You know, the not doing much of anything, that adds up pretty quickly type stuff...

New pony!

Our very cool horse trainer, Chelsea, who is helping us work with Carly,

 let us keep her pony Rio for a while.

 I have a feeling he will be here for a long time.

He is absolutely awesome.

 The perfect pony for kids. At 23ish, he has seen it all.
We feel so very lucky to have him around.


We found this really cool,

wickedly bright and striped caterpillar in the garden.

 We hopped online, and were able to identify it as a spicebush swallowtail.
We fed it for a few day. They strictly eat herbs like parsley, dill, carrot tops. You know, garden munchies.
It turned into a pretty green/yellow chrysalis,

and it seemed like only 10 days later we woke up to a beautiful butterfly!

We usually only seem to get moths around these parts, so this was a treat.
We released it when the Heart Rockin' family was here. Thanks, Jean for the photo.

Good times.

horseshoe crabs!

Gosh, we did this a few weeks ago, but I have been very blog lazy, so we'll have a weekend of catching up to do.
 Anyway, Marlins Brownie troop and their lucky siblings,

hooked up with project limulus, a horseshoe crab research group out of Sacred Heart University.
 They talked and answered a ton of questions,

even about other subjects. Kaya learned a lot about barnacles.

They were able to handle them,

 and discuss their unique anatomy. In fact, we learned that they are in the same family as scorpions!
AND they tagged and released a crab.

We learned that if we see a crab with a tag and call in and provide info on where it was sighted, they will mail us a really cool horseshoe crab pin.
 We are on it!
On our way off the beach we found a really cool cactus,

with a lovely flower.
Cactus' in Ct, who knew!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Heart Rockin' visit!

They came.
 To see us!
We had an amazing visit, even though it seemed short. We packed so much fun in our small visit that we wore those kids and mama's and Daddy out!
We slept hard last night.
My kids keep saying the pool looks so empty, and we miss Maeve's request for pony rides. Ev misses boffer battles with Declan, and Kai checkers with Daddy Drew. I miss just hanging with Jean. Why oh why can't we live just two or three hours closer.
But that's what makes our visits even sweeter.
and we will see each other again in three weeks at camping.
 So all is well!
Oh, it was very, very, well.
I just soaked it all in and took no pictures....
Not one.
 But Jean did!
Go see!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The rain

it brings magic.

We had at least a solid week of rain and gray and fall like weather. It was such a bummer in many ways, but then we found that it brought up such lovely shrooms,

 and toadstools.

 All is forgiven then.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the road again

And so it was time to say good bye.

 We had a fantastic trip. I can honestly say, if you have not guessed already, that I love Savannah.

But we could not wait to get back to frog creek either.
 We made a little stop at South of the Border, because with all those kitschy billboards, how can you not stop?
 Man, that place is a hellacious waste land. Marlin actually said it was like a redneck disneyland.
 Thank god mullet man walked out of ear shot.
 But they had these really insane hats that we could try on

and that was amusing.

 And they had a crap load of fire works, and we love those!

I also found these things called black snakes and glo worms that I vaguely remember as a kid.
 You light them like so

 and this black thing starts growing like crazy.

 Ev calls it poo.
 It's fun.
Good times.