Monday, May 24, 2010

So it looks like

I will be posting like twice a week! Unless I have time. I have been making a list of what I need to accomplish with my house, the animals, what the kids want to get done, making meals, and like planning them so I am not feeling so lost and lame. The kids are less fighty, and all of us less snappy when we have a general feel for how the day needs to be set up, so we can all get what we need to and want to accomplish done. It is working out so well. Basically what it boils down to is this:
 I just need to get up and off the computer and get. it. done.
Who knew?
 I am also in the thicks of planning and packing suitcases and the pop up for a 10 day road trip through Virginia and Georgia which we leave for in THREE DAYS!

We are visiting our friends that went and moved away on us, as well as Savannah, Hilton head, Tybee island, Chincoteague, and Busch gardens!
Anyway, we have been up to so much and I am so, so behind. So I will do a few posts in a row to catch up.
 Here we will begin way, way, in the past, but I need to start clearing the camera.
A long, long, time ago we went to Old Sturbridge Village.
 Hung out with Friends

Took some cool classes


and generally ran amok.

We met some new friends that day, but somehow they escaped unphotographed?!


Andrea said...

Have a great 10 day adventure! I know, sometimes it is hard to get off the computer, it is so comfy sitting here.....

Rosemarie said...

Have a great trip. Hope to see you when you're back!

Stephanie said...

I want a popup. Really, really much.

varunner said...

What a fun trip! Enjoy it.