Monday, May 24, 2010


I can't believe just how much is on my phone and camera!
Anyway, our new Math is still going well.

 I am glad we delve in into a few times a week. The kids are feeling so confident, and their concept of numbers, truly understanding them, is growing so quickly.

 Reading is going still for Kaya. It's a frustrating process at times, but he just trudges on. It has given him a lot of confidence, and because of it he is trying a lot of other things that he usually shy's away from.  Marlin has taken off like a shot!
Ev has been extra helpful lately. Loves to work with me. It's actually been so helpful.

 Today Marlin and he, tackled the downstairs bathroom and bird cage. It helped me so much!
Marlin found a website on how to make natural beauty products. She has become a pretty decent reader and has just run with it. She googled what she wanted to make, read the instructions, gathered the ingredients,
 and got to it! She attempted to make rose perfume.
 It is ok, but I am sure we can look around to try another,

She wasn't happy with the final product. We love google. What would we have done with out it?
We also adore things not virtual.
 Like working together to rescue an amazing female ruby throated humming bird trapped in our garage.
We got a great peek at her up close,

 and then felt really good about watching her hum away unscathed.
And we like just hanging out together, listening to a murmuring stream, trying to see if we can catch anything.

 anything at all.


Jessica said...

Lilah wants to have a spa day soon. It will take a lot of preparation to get the ingredients to make their own lotions, perfumes, and lip balms. We will have to pick a day this summer and have a mother-daughter spa day (Grace and the boys can play Wii!)!

Stephanie said...

That looks like the broad-tailed that we captured on my clothes line the other day! I thought maybe it was a ruby-throat, too, but rubies have black heads. Could be yours are different. ??
As I come in from outside (the dirt) depleted of any moisture in my skin, I've been thinking of putting up my hand and foot cream... so I'm right there with her.

mamak said...

Steph! Male rubies do, females are more drab.
See here:

Lisa said...

great pictures! what a sweet hummingbird. looks like a great time at your house!!
have a great week

MamaTea said...

Amazing picture of the hummingbird! How cool :) Aren't cameras great? Its a good thing to have a full camera. That means you're exploring lots!!