Monday, May 24, 2010

Random activities

So many good pictures are caught that tell the tale of who we are. I love going back and looking at what images I have captured. It is a great reminder especially after you think you have had a really boring or crappy day, and you see how cool it actually was.

and playing

talking out an idea and getting the gumption to grab your little brother and try to work it out even if it fails.

Hiking a tough hike to find a secret bog where carnivorous plants grow,

 and bringing home dinner as well.

hanging out with a mom and her two new babes.

Being together as a family,
 and together with friends.

Loving cute pups,
and working on kitchen skills,

I was even lucky enough to find a friend who likes nature and being in the woods as much as I, and we went out on a hike together. I would like to do this more often.
The scenery was awesome,

 and we found lovely little treasures.

Lady slippers.

Man, when I sit back and see these images from our lives, I feel very lucky to be able to have such a full life.

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