Monday, May 24, 2010

Carnivorous love goes on!

Remember the carnivorous terrarium I started back here?
Well, look at it now!


Frigging outstanding, really.
So we have taken it to the next step!
 Outdoor bog gardens.
 That's right.
Some carnivorous plants need to go dormant in the winter, or else they will die. Like venus fly traps, people think they are tropical. But, they are from right here in the U.S. North Carolina, actually. They need to die back in the frost and rest for the frozen winter months. In the spring they will emerge again, and that is what makes bog containers so great. So we chose some sundews, pitchers, and fly traps, enough for two bowls.

I have been using Sarracenia Northwest, and I absolutely love their service and plants.
 Anyway, take some deep wide bowls. I have to drill a drain in the metal Ikea bowl, I will see how the pyrex does with out.
 Fill them with appropriate medium. Which in this case is peat, sphagnum, and vermiculate.

Mix with distilled or rain water only. This is the only water these carnivorous plants can tolerate. Any tap or fertilizers in general will kill them. This is why they supplement with insects, because their soil and water is so nitrogen and mineral poor. So don't give them any nutrients that way.
Once your soil is nice and wet, transplants your pets. Get them good and wet, think BOG here people.

Your plants will die if they are not kept very wet with the proper type of water. Also they need full on sun, as many hours direct as you can provide.
And there you go.

I can not wait for crazy growth this summer.
The sundews are just glistening.
See the fly?

 The fly traps are so cute.
and this one is called red dragon.

I can't wait to track their growth. Especially the pitchers which promise to be stunning.

 With names like Scarlet Belle, and Ladies in Waiting, how can one go wrong?
Exciting stuff...

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