Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To see the sea

Monday, May 24, 2010

So it looks like

I will be posting like twice a week! Unless I have time. I have been making a list of what I need to accomplish with my house, the animals, what the kids want to get done, making meals, and like planning them so I am not feeling so lost and lame. The kids are less fighty, and all of us less snappy when we have a general feel for how the day needs to be set up, so we can all get what we need to and want to accomplish done. It is working out so well. Basically what it boils down to is this:
 I just need to get up and off the computer and get. it. done.
Who knew?
 I am also in the thicks of planning and packing suitcases and the pop up for a 10 day road trip through Virginia and Georgia which we leave for in THREE DAYS!

We are visiting our friends that went and moved away on us, as well as Savannah, Hilton head, Tybee island, Chincoteague, and Busch gardens!
Anyway, we have been up to so much and I am so, so behind. So I will do a few posts in a row to catch up.
 Here we will begin way, way, in the past, but I need to start clearing the camera.
A long, long, time ago we went to Old Sturbridge Village.
 Hung out with Friends

Took some cool classes


and generally ran amok.

We met some new friends that day, but somehow they escaped unphotographed?!


I can't believe just how much is on my phone and camera!
Anyway, our new Math is still going well.

 I am glad we delve in into a few times a week. The kids are feeling so confident, and their concept of numbers, truly understanding them, is growing so quickly.

 Reading is going still for Kaya. It's a frustrating process at times, but he just trudges on. It has given him a lot of confidence, and because of it he is trying a lot of other things that he usually shy's away from.  Marlin has taken off like a shot!
Ev has been extra helpful lately. Loves to work with me. It's actually been so helpful.

 Today Marlin and he, tackled the downstairs bathroom and bird cage. It helped me so much!
Marlin found a website on how to make natural beauty products. She has become a pretty decent reader and has just run with it. She googled what she wanted to make, read the instructions, gathered the ingredients,
 and got to it! She attempted to make rose perfume.
 It is ok, but I am sure we can look around to try another,

She wasn't happy with the final product. We love google. What would we have done with out it?
We also adore things not virtual.
 Like working together to rescue an amazing female ruby throated humming bird trapped in our garage.
We got a great peek at her up close,

 and then felt really good about watching her hum away unscathed.
And we like just hanging out together, listening to a murmuring stream, trying to see if we can catch anything.

 anything at all.

Cemetery walk

I love cemeteries. The kids like them as well. So every now and then we take off and go in and explore.

We always read a lot of stones. Some make us sad, some give us some history , and others give us a good laugh.
Like is this one not obvious?

Kaya had me read this name to him,

and he said" Well your not so fast now, are ya?" We were howling, we could have woken up the dead!

Carnivorous love goes on!

Remember the carnivorous terrarium I started back here?
Well, look at it now!


Frigging outstanding, really.
So we have taken it to the next step!
 Outdoor bog gardens.
 That's right.
Some carnivorous plants need to go dormant in the winter, or else they will die. Like venus fly traps, people think they are tropical. But, they are from right here in the U.S. North Carolina, actually. They need to die back in the frost and rest for the frozen winter months. In the spring they will emerge again, and that is what makes bog containers so great. So we chose some sundews, pitchers, and fly traps, enough for two bowls.

Kaya's snake stick.

When Kaya busts out the snake stick almost instantly snakes are caught around here. It's not a true snake stick, in fact I don't know what this tool is originally intended for, but for us, it is simply the snake stick.

And it's quite magical, see?

How does your garden grow?

With salad greens, kale, scallions..

Tomatoes are finally in.

Not pictured are herbs, melons, squash, beans, cukes, asparagus, and grapes..
Orchard includes apricot, cherry, apple, nectarine, peach, pear, pawpaw, and plums, and polenating friends that will share their honey!



 I have a feeling that it will be a great season!

Random activities

So many good pictures are caught that tell the tale of who we are. I love going back and looking at what images I have captured. It is a great reminder especially after you think you have had a really boring or crappy day, and you see how cool it actually was.

and playing

talking out an idea and getting the gumption to grab your little brother and try to work it out even if it fails.

Hiking a tough hike to find a secret bog where carnivorous plants grow,

 and bringing home dinner as well.

hanging out with a mom and her two new babes.

Being together as a family,
 and together with friends.

Loving cute pups,
and working on kitchen skills,

I was even lucky enough to find a friend who likes nature and being in the woods as much as I, and we went out on a hike together. I would like to do this more often.
The scenery was awesome,

 and we found lovely little treasures.

Lady slippers.

Man, when I sit back and see these images from our lives, I feel very lucky to be able to have such a full life.