Sunday, April 4, 2010


Another successful easter.
 You know, I am not sure why we do this on Easter, per se, and not solstice, as we aren't religious in any organized way. And yet this day is pretty darn significant in an organized Christian way. Maybe next year, we'll change up the dates. I will see what the kids think. I think we just do it, because we always celebrated eggs and chocolate on Easter. Not justifying, just thinking out loud.
I like change, but one child in particular is NOT FOND of changing things. We often have many tears over simple things, so we'll see how this goes.
 Anyway, the kids were up at 7. So not too early.
Here we go!


Now we are preparing a feast,

Stuffing up a leg of lamb!
Kaya decorated a cake for more birthday celebrating,

 as the grandparents, and great grandma will be enjoying this day with us.
The boys are out in the wild after elusive frogs.

Marlin is making plans for a yard alteration for the summer.

More on that later. It's quite a plan.
 The day is sunny, stellar, and promising.
All of this goodness, it's all here, around us.


julie said...

looks like a fun day.

DO it - celebrate on the spring equinox!:)

This year we finally decided to change the time when we hunt for eggs. We are officially adding it as our ritual of the spring equinox. Although this year we are at my parents for Easter so we had an egg hunt with them.

cant wait to hear about Marlins changes

Andrea said...

A very good day, indeed. And yes, I know what you mean about celebrating a religious holiday when you aren't religious, we are guilty as well. Oh well, it is a habit now, no need to explain to others if it feels good to you!