Friday, April 23, 2010

Time alone

On Tuesdays, when Marlin and Kai are in the woods for 6 hours. It's just Ev and I. 

 Often there are friends, his own time to play with HIS peeps and shine. It's hard having your own things as the youngest of three.

 It's been very nice. I don't get one on one time with each child often, but when I do, I walk away with another depth of them peeled away, for me to see. 

It's always special.

Ev really like to hunt frogs with his pals at the pond. Especially when they are mating, or giving each other piggy back rides, as he likes to say.

It's a fruitful place,

filled with noble ambassadors for the children.

I hope we have many more Tuesdays just as good as this.

 Because we will always have more Tuesdays, but he won't be like this forever.


Elemental Handcrafts said...

That's beautiful, Kim.

Jessica said...

Where was this? Looks like a great place for a walk and to have an adventure!

mamak said...

Thanks, Steph!
Jess that's where two coyotes meet, down below by the pond!

Stephanie said...

He's just so cute.

And I know what you mean about one-on-one time. Even with only two I feel that way. You get sort of immersed in them, and come away with a finer understanding.

Shel said...

Time with just the youngest is always such a treat! It's something I wish we did more of too. Those times, where you are just one on one are always so special, and I totally agree, I always come away from those one on one times with a better understanding of who these littles are that I have the honor of raising! :)