Saturday, April 3, 2010

They are ready!

You know, SOOO ready.
They may very well attempt to go to sleep before midnight. They get worried the bunny will arrive while they are awake and they will miss out. They got themselves covered. Mama is charging her video  and camera. I know these days will be over soon. I love the whole, "Wake up, HE WAS HERE! and the manicfranticmagicjoy! early in the morning.
Pure, delicious, cherubic, magic, and innocence.
Hurry up bunny, we are ready!


Stephanie said...

Happy Day!!
I love that too. :)
(As I'm sure you have suspected.)

Shel said...

Jam jars for dying eggs?! What a perfect idea! I must go out and buy a box to tuck away for various projects. Our mugs yesterday were good, but jam jars would have been way more fun since you can see through them! :)

mamak said...

Mason jars are on my most fave list! Actually, we use those jars for everything, even as our everyday glasses. Especially for beer and wine. They are the best. We like multi purpose around here!

julie said...

happy easter!

Jessica said...

I hope your Easter is filled with the same magic as your "Easter Eve" was!