Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I say hrmm, because I haven't been here for a while. That was a nice vacation, but now I have all of these pictures that I need to disperse. And we have been quite busy.
So, I will begin some where back in time, a few (many) days ago, and then move forward. I guess that is how it should be done.
 So let's see...
Making stuff.

Games together.

Still celebrating another year on Earth.


Looked for wild ramps,

no luck yet.
Honed some mad skills.

Creeked it.


Coffee ( lemonade to some) house.

Drum circle.

Nature stuff.
More of this...
a little of this
Eat over!
And a special little weekend away,

with really great friends.

Such good, good times.


Jessica said...

Your children are going to look back on their childhood and be awed and amazed at all the experiences you provided for them.

varunner said...

Is that your new horse? Looks like lots of fun at your house! How are the chicks?

Shel said...

Love all the pics! You and your tribe sure have been busy! Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories with all of us. :)

mamak said...

Nope still Carly. She is working with a trainer, and we can lead rope her with the kids. It's when she is free and has to think of all the spooky things lurking in the trees, that she is a problem..

Stephanie said...

What more could anyone possibly want?
So much delicious living.