Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So you may or may not remember a while back, that I talked to the kids about what goals they might have for themselves. And they did have some things that they wanted to work on. I was having an identity crisis, as we bought/started using curriculum to meet those goals. I am pleased to say that I am over my defensive tantrum, and am now totally down with what we are doing.

 Everyone is pretty happy about how it's working. Kaya is still working on his reading, and although he gets frustrated, he still wants to complete his book, and become an independent reader. Marlins reading has improved, and she is not so reluctant about writing. She had been comparing her self to some friends and felt behind, and she hates to feel like that. She is feeling more confident about reading things out loud, or writing down things and giving them to people. That must be a liberating feeling. I am happy for her. And I am glad that she knows that SHE did this and it is all her that is making this happen. They are still digging playing with math.

We have learned some cool card games,

that they love to play. Evren and I just read and read, and work on his name.

 He is very happy! I mostly like how and when we do this. It just sort of happens every few days or so. We have been reading "A Child's History of the World", and then watching cool videos from Discovery Education Streaming. It cost a pretty penny, but we love just typing stuff in and going with it! You can get a deal through the homeschool buyers coop, online. You should check it out. I think we are going to start dedicating Friday to Science. We like to listen to NPR a lot and friday there is a program called Science Fridays. Marlin though it would be fun to experiment and do some science themed things then too. Why not?
Sounds like a good way to spend a friday to me!


Rosemarie said...

Looks like a great time and lots of learning going on!

Stephanie said...

I'm not a goal kind of girl.
Does it show???

I love that you're happy and engaged and that all is well in Frog Creek!!

Jessica said...

I love your comment about Marlin "she did this". I never really thought of that. In school you give up control of what is being taught and how it is being taught. At home, you and your child have so much power. Power to decide. Power to choose styles, interests, goals. You can change your goals, change your styles, change your interests. It is all on them. How liberating!