Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exciting times and changes on the farm!

So remember how we were going to try the incubator again? The one that went crazy two days before my chicks were going to hatch and killed them all? Well, it has been pretty much working with a lot of adjustments and the eggs are ready to hatch tomorrow, or Monday.

 I have been on hyper alert, and constantly waking up to check the temp as I am completely paranoid of a failing incubator.
 People, it's been a long three weeks.
 Today we woke up to the wonderful sound of a chick that has peeped through it's air cell. I see the little egg wobble around and peep. I am thrilled! So hopefully by tonight or tomorrow, it will pip out. I know that as of yesterday two others of the six were alive. The three others shells are to dark to candle. So I am betting on at least three chicks. The three others will be wonderful bonuses. As soon as they make their move, I have some phone calls to make. I have some anxious friends who want to witness this with us.
About two weeks ago, I was pretty doubtful that we would make it this far, and that my incubator was toast. So we poked around craigslist, and found somebody selling tons of chicks.
Some interesting breeds,

 even one that lays a chocolate colored egg.
So we bought six.

 One died, but the 5 left are growing gang busters.
They are super cute.

Look how much bigger they are now!

In other news, we are rehoming our horse.

 We don't have the time or knowledge to work with her. She is green broke, and isn't completely safe. We don't trust her not to freak out and inadvertently hurt one of us, and more importantly, the kids.
This is a very hard decision. We are all on board and it took a while for all us to get to this place. She would be going to a great home, and would be trained properly, and we would get to see her in the local horse show, as the people who are interested in her are big horse people.

We will be acquiring a pony very soon, one who is dead broke. He is an older gentleman who goes by the name of Rio, and looks very much like Carly, just much shorter. The kids are excited. We'll be looking for one or two more so they can all cowboy around the property. We are very sad to see Carly go, but very excited for a few ponies who will totally work with our level, and that we can truly enjoy.
So anyway, there is some farmly news for you.
Be on the look out for some cool chick hatching photos!


varunner said...

Excellent news on the chicks! A chocolate egg! How cool.
Sorry about your horse. It's definitely the right decision. I actually found a home for a gorgeous thoroughbred mare we had before Pierce was born, just because she was extremely high strung and I was the only one who could work with her. While that was fine pre-kid, I didn't want our kids exposed to that. It took me 6 months to find our pony, but she's just right for the boys and it was worth the wait :-) It'll be fun for your kids to cowboy around.

Jessica said...

Spring brings great things. I can't wait to see those little chicks!

Andrea said...

I want to be your neighbor! The chicks are so cute, I have chick envy. I am getting 8 chicks, but I won't have the excitement of seeing them pip out of their eggs. Thanks for sharing!!!

Shel said...

I so wish that we lived closer so we could come and witness this miracle! If you have room for one more person, I know my Mom would love to come by when it's time! :) Looking forward to seeing the pics!

mamak said...

Oh Damn Shel, I just saw this! I am not sure if the other eggs will hatch but if they show signs, I will call her! Darn it, I would have loved to have her.