Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kaya is SEVEN!

Yep, he is. The teeny, scrawny, little baby who I pushed out so long ago is still a skinny bean pole!  And we love him even more now. Even more then when we first held him.
If that at all seems possible.
But we do.
We love him even more each day.
He is not a birthday party kind of guy. He just wanted to head to wally world and get his stuff.
So we did.
 And he was funny, he kept looking around and said "Where are all the people of Walmart? That would be fun to see on my birthday"
But today we just saw normalish people.
 But we did hit up the Star Wars isle!

Then we headed over to our friends, to eat lunch, and put together his Star Wars lego kit.

While he was busy admiring his new ship, those sweet kids planned a little secret surprise party.

True friends rock!

So that skinny stick of love had a good day today.
 And he was touched that they whipped up a little thing for him.

And tomorrow he is picking up his new Star Wars Wii game.
We probably won't see him for a while.
Happy Birthday. We love you.


Andrea said...

A wonderful celebration, thanks for sharing! Seven is a really fun age, enjoy every minute.

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Love, Love, Love to Kaya and his awesome family :)

Shel said...

Happy 7th Birthday to your sweet boy! Looks like a totally perfect day full of lots of birthday fun and wonderful memories to last a life time!

jessye said...

A great day! Friends, family, gifts, sharing love. We are all so blessed!

jessye said...

I'm on my google account - that last post is from me!