Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy first day of spring week!

Even though it has been "spring" here pretty much the whole week, now it's official!
 The title kept changing for this post, as I have been wanting to catch up here for a while.
I am sick of changing it, so...
This is how we have been enjoying it!
Weekly all day nature class type thing. Basically they are in the woods for 6 hours playing games, tracking, identifying surviving, climbing trees


working as a unit.

It rocks.
E and I have our special alone time, or we play and play and play.

We have gone swimming

We have prepared the soil

planted some seeds and covered them up, nice and cozy and warm.

We have lego'd

We have seen friends

 in amazing shakespeare play.

We have been cute as buttons.
We have played
out in the sun

We have wet felted
And we found owl pellets under a tree in our woods. 

Looks like a gray squirrel, likely eaten by a great horned owl.
Not pictured:
Many games of checkers, wii, computers, yard cleanup, ice cream runs, visit with grandparents, sleepovers, hanging out and doing "stuff" in the sun, finding new friends, rediscovering the creek, read alouds, snuggled up family TV events. And we decided to give this a go again.

 This time with guarded expectations.
We'll see!


varunner said...

Dissecting owl pellets is my favorite science memory.
Hope the eggs work out this time. The 2nd time worked for us :-)

Heart Rockin Mama said...

I miss you guys.I think we need to plan a visit to Frog Creek :)

jessye said...

It is going to be an amazing spring.....

Shel said...

What fun! Good luck with the eggs, keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well this time! :)

Stephanie said...

bizzy, bizzy.

all day outside can't hurt. :)

Shakespeare looks tolerable, too, methinks.

and eggs? looking forward to seeing some babies!