Friday, March 12, 2010

Aww, where did spring go?

Well, we had a few really spectacular days last week into the beginning of this week. But now it's just nippy and gloomy and drizzly. You know like a real CT spring!
We had some friends over the first two days and played and played in the the warmish air.
I only took one pic, but most of those two days revolved around the creek.
During the week, I had to clean out my car, and take a ride to intercept a boat load of cookies.

 Why? Because I am THE cookie mom.

The goats have gone off to their new home. We will miss them.

But we have to make room because Mama goat will deliver again in 2 months!
M went to a Luau girl scouts father/daughter dance.

 I knocked back a few (a lot)  of drinks with my fellow Mamas.
 It was a fun night and then the morning came. I haven't had a hangover in like 10 years.
 And Bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches still make it all better.
Still loving spending 4 -5 hours at the pool weekly.

Not only swimming, but also poolside games!

This time we all went out to the diner together afterward. Three mom's and eleven kids walking into the dinner dropped some jaws.

The lady that came to seat us said, "What is this?"
Of course the kids were so awesome, we even got complimented.
 Just representin, yo.

So now we sit in the house and wonder if we should turn on the heat, and we are delivering cookies, and we just goof off till the next sunny day comes along...


varunner said...

Cookies! Bacon egg and cheese sandwiches! Drinks! That's it, I'm coming over ;-)
Sounds like you've been having fun

Andrea said...

Normal cold spring has returned to VT as well, so I am catching up on some blogs! Awesome fun at the pool and diner, and yes, a few drinks with friends don't sit like they used to!!