Wednesday, March 31, 2010


it's not just for drinking anymore.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kaya is SEVEN!

Yep, he is. The teeny, scrawny, little baby who I pushed out so long ago is still a skinny bean pole!  And we love him even more now. Even more then when we first held him.
If that at all seems possible.
But we do.
We love him even more each day.
He is not a birthday party kind of guy. He just wanted to head to wally world and get his stuff.
So we did.
 And he was funny, he kept looking around and said "Where are all the people of Walmart? That would be fun to see on my birthday"
But today we just saw normalish people.
 But we did hit up the Star Wars isle!

Then we headed over to our friends, to eat lunch, and put together his Star Wars lego kit.

While he was busy admiring his new ship, those sweet kids planned a little secret surprise party.

True friends rock!

So that skinny stick of love had a good day today.
 And he was touched that they whipped up a little thing for him.

And tomorrow he is picking up his new Star Wars Wii game.
We probably won't see him for a while.
Happy Birthday. We love you.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My kids are animals.

Complete monsters!

A bunch of fierce


wild things

Pure rascalians.

Luckily for me, sometimes they do tricks.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy first day of spring week!

Even though it has been "spring" here pretty much the whole week, now it's official!
 The title kept changing for this post, as I have been wanting to catch up here for a while.
I am sick of changing it, so...
This is how we have been enjoying it!
Weekly all day nature class type thing. Basically they are in the woods for 6 hours playing games, tracking, identifying surviving, climbing trees


working as a unit.

It rocks.
E and I have our special alone time, or we play and play and play.

We have gone swimming

We have prepared the soil

planted some seeds and covered them up, nice and cozy and warm.

We have lego'd

We have seen friends

 in amazing shakespeare play.

We have been cute as buttons.
We have played
out in the sun

We have wet felted
And we found owl pellets under a tree in our woods. 

Looks like a gray squirrel, likely eaten by a great horned owl.
Not pictured:
Many games of checkers, wii, computers, yard cleanup, ice cream runs, visit with grandparents, sleepovers, hanging out and doing "stuff" in the sun, finding new friends, rediscovering the creek, read alouds, snuggled up family TV events. And we decided to give this a go again.

 This time with guarded expectations.
We'll see!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our doggies

They love us. They truly do!
Guess what a wonderful gift they brought:

Oh, we have such good dogs!
Look at that!

What treasures we would not see if they didn't have their keen noses, and if we did not live nestled in the forest.
 They are totally forgiven all the mud they drag in, and the wet doggy smell that they let linger during our wet season.

 I wonder what peace offering they will conjure up next year?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Aww, where did spring go?

Well, we had a few really spectacular days last week into the beginning of this week. But now it's just nippy and gloomy and drizzly. You know like a real CT spring!
We had some friends over the first two days and played and played in the the warmish air.
I only took one pic, but most of those two days revolved around the creek.
During the week, I had to clean out my car, and take a ride to intercept a boat load of cookies.

 Why? Because I am THE cookie mom.

The goats have gone off to their new home. We will miss them.

But we have to make room because Mama goat will deliver again in 2 months!
M went to a Luau girl scouts father/daughter dance.

 I knocked back a few (a lot)  of drinks with my fellow Mamas.
 It was a fun night and then the morning came. I haven't had a hangover in like 10 years.
 And Bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches still make it all better.
Still loving spending 4 -5 hours at the pool weekly.

Not only swimming, but also poolside games!

This time we all went out to the diner together afterward. Three mom's and eleven kids walking into the dinner dropped some jaws.

The lady that came to seat us said, "What is this?"
Of course the kids were so awesome, we even got complimented.
 Just representin, yo.

So now we sit in the house and wonder if we should turn on the heat, and we are delivering cookies, and we just goof off till the next sunny day comes along...

Monday, March 8, 2010


We were supposed to be going off to ski on E's birthday, but we called the mountain (big hill) and discovered it was pretty busy because schools were on break. So being selfish people who wanted the whole mountain to ourselves, we nixed our plans.
We did get there eventually and did have the whole place to ourselves!
First we rented the equipment.
 Only the kids skied this time. We just were happy to watch them. Plus we weren't sure if they would bail, or if only one or two would be interested at this time, and all that's easier to deal with no ski's!
 We signed up for a lesson.  The kids seem to get frustrated when trying new things ( of course!), but they tend to give up and get angry quickly with us, and I know it's because they are very comfortable using all of their emotions safely with us. And I love that. When they work with "strangers" they really seem to persevere a bit longer. At the end of their lesson, they will usually tell us if they hated it or not.
 If they hated it, we stop. If not, what usually seems to happen is that once the kids have the basic skills, they usually say they no longer want the lessons, and then we just move on together. It's a weird thing, but somehow that is what works.
  So anyhow, they fell

 got back up
They practiced stopping

and going
 M did pretty well, and was feeling confident, so she took a ride up
and even though she said the hill looked so big, she bit the bullet and did it!
Down she came with a HUGE grin on that sweet face!
 K was grumpy, so he just wasn't into it, he says he will try it again next year. So that is great.
E was hot and cold, I am not sure if he wants to do it again this year, or not...
But M wants to go again. BUT it seems to have gotten suddenly warm, which is beyond awesome, but not so much for skiing.
 So we'll see!
 Anyway, it was a lovely time, and we ended it with a great meal out together.

It was one of those days where you just feel perfectly happy!