Monday, February 1, 2010

Time to hatch again!

Well,  the other day we got a call from the town veterinarian. She had a client who had Does in heat. She is friends with my husband, and knows that we breed goats and have a buck. She was wondering if we could help her client out. So, Mr. Oreo, our stinky man, went for a rendezvous.
We didn't ask for any money, because we like to pimp out our animals.
For fun.
He is particularly fond of that activity.
So the farmer, he brought us 4 dozen eggs, for Oreo's man power.
He mentioned he had 18 roosters, so the first thing that sprang to my mind was, baby peeps!
So we marked our eggs.

 We only choose the 10 largest, as we don't need that many more.
We set up the incubator, and in they went after a few hours of trying to get to a stable 100 degrees..
M and I candled them last night.
 It's harder to see because the eggs are brown.
We picked three up and looked, and Huzzah!

 We saw veins running through the yolks!
So in about 16- 18 days we'll get to watch them hatch out again!
We aren't sure of their breed, but because of the brown coloring, and the fact that we live in New England, I am willing to bet on some Rhode Island reds.
Time will tell.
Man, I love projects like this....


varunner said...

I'm so jealous! I want chickens. LOL over your studly goat :-)

Stephanie said...


Jessica said...

That's awesome. I remember hatching chicks in my first grade classroom in downtown Worcester! I can't imagine having them at home. L would LOVE to see them if possible....

Shel said...

Love it! I can't wait to see the little ones when they hatch. Hmmm...a trip down may be in order! :)

mamak said...

Sure you guys, I will throw out the email when we get our first inkling that they are ready!

Heart Rockin Mama said...