Saturday, February 6, 2010

They are back on!

The young roosters from our last incubation have been practicing how to crow
And yesterday one of the chickens began laying!

Be excited with me!
The older chickens stopped laying back in October.
This time they will be joined by the young ones.
The egg is proof positive that the days are getting longer.
If laying chickens do not excite you, the fact that spring is indeed approaching should.


Stephanie said...

You know chickens are very exciting to me!! :) Especially laying again chickens!!
woohoo! Spring!

Lynch Family said...

Our tiniest chicken just started laying again about 2 weeks ago. Her eggs are ENORMOUSLY ENORMOUS like she has been storing up all winter. Ooh the yellow yolks of goodness! Such a treat to be able to use eggs willy-nilly again!