Sunday, February 21, 2010

Past week, messed up

Let's see what I caught on my camera this week.
We said good byes to our messed up incubation,
and had a wake for own one lone chick who was unable to live.
We dabbled in new to us ways of working with numbers
We had more candle blowing,

and more pie eating,

and more gift bringing,

for a certain five year old.

We have messed with slime
We have made messes that have made us happy
and some that just looked like messes
but was really a work in progress
and made messed up creations
and others were just happy to make messes for the sake of messes.
We have lots of messy weeks.


varunner said...

Sorry about your chick :-(

Love love love the dog collage!

Heart Rockin Mama said...

I love the dog collage, too. What a fun idea.
Can't wait to put you guys to work... I mean to see you...this weekend :)

Stephanie said...

now you know the saint picture made me smile.

and pie!!!!
oh, pie....

tell HRMJ that if she makes lots of pies, I'll come help, too.

Dawn said...

Who is the new puppy??

mamak said...

That's Zoe, we got her last summer!