Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A new space

So the boys, who share a room by choice were feeling a little cramped.
What has been happening is when A and I go to bed, they are usually not tired, but are to afraid to hang out far from us alone. A and I require a lot more sleep than they to be functional happy people. So around 9-10 when we go off to blissful sleep, usually M calls it a night then as well. But the boys still have a few hours of play ahead of them. They usually grab a ton of toys from downstairs and play quietly in their room, until they want to sleep. However, they seriously lacked space. So we set out to rearrange and make this more of a comfortable area for them. E helped me sweep and clean,
We removed some furniture and slid the beds together.

Still wasn't optimal....
K's bed has a trundle underneath. So we took down E's bed, and put his mattress in the trundle and slid the bed way over. The bed "hides" during the day and pull it out at night.
 It totally opened up the floor for play.We brought their toys up, so they would have greater variety during their play at night. They are too scared to go downstairs in the dark for more or different toys.
And most importantly, they have room for their weapons to be in the same room with them. 
Weapons at the ready, right there, spontaneous battles, can you believe it!
This really sealed the deal. 
Change, it's a good thing.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

I love changing things around. It makes everything seem new and different and fun. I also love that they share a room by choice. So sweet.
It looks great :)

Stephanie said...

Same story here, Trevy stays up after we go to bed most of the time.
It looks great!!

Lisa said...

definitely a good thing having the weapons at the ready!! you never know! Our kids stay up reading Garfield with their headlamps. I love hearing them burst out laughing!
the room looks great!

jessye said...

I love that they helped you and took an active role in solving the problem of "creating" more space. It looks great!

Shel said...

The room looks fabulous! They must be so thrilled! What a great idea to use the trundle for sleeping each night and then slide it away each morning so they have loads of extra room for play! That's brilliant! :)

MamaTea said...

Love the change!! Looks great :) The boys here are almost always up later than I am. And weapons? You just can't have those too far away. My kids sleep with swords. :) You rock, mama!