Thursday, February 11, 2010


right now.
Well that's a lie. It's really us and me right then.
 Steph at OLM, asked if I wanted to participate in a little fun. Basically you snap a couple shots of yourself right then and there. Which I did. I tried to sneak off, but that's hard as the kids always think I am eating chocolate alone in a dark bathroom.
or something.

 So they tagged along. And then everybody wanted stuff, and things, and help.
 So I could not post right then.

So here I am posting my last nights intention of right now, right now.
If you are reading this and you want to do it, leave me a comment and I will go check you out.
as soon as I can.


Stephanie said...

Funny gril.
sneaking off, were you??
can't have a mama taking pics of herself!! gasp.

thanks for playing!!

Stephanie said...

Oh! and I wasn't courteous enough to ask, was I?? :)