Friday, February 19, 2010

Marvelous M's and Moms magical moonlight merriment moment

It was quite a lovely string of happenings. It started with me asking if she wanted to visit the animals with me, and look for tracks.
 I like seeing what's been prowling around here when we get a fresh canvass of snow.
 She said YES!
So we discovered these
and then we found her, all she wanted was to give horse kisses,

and horsey love

 and the girl gave it right back
and then we watched these guys do their thing

and wondered how those baby boys got

so big

and we poked at dead trees, cause they were soft and pokeable
and we made our own marks in the snow
and decided to sled into the darkness
and we wandered in the twilight back to our home
the moon kept it's eye on us

and we liked how pretty the trees looked against this color sky

and we climbed back up the hill for one more run.
And it was good.
Just us.

and the moon.


Stephanie said...

I think sledding at night is my favorite. With cocoa. And soup. And friends. And a fire. :)

Heart Rockin Mama said...

That looks like such a happy memory in the making :)

Shel said...

What a fabulous adventure you girls had!

Thanks for the glimpse of home! :)

varunner said...

Gorgeous pictures. Do you do anything with goat milk?

Stephanie said...

I meant to say, too,
"awesome" that you and little M got to spend a few hours enjoying each other. :)