Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ice Art

We saw a really neat ice ornament in a magazine and decided, well, we've got cold, water and color.
 Let's do it!
 I sprayed the bottom and rim and the glass with some cooking spray for an easier release. I don't think this is necessary, but in my mind it helped...
We used a huge round pan that we have and never use because it is so dang huge, we filled it up about 1/4 high.
Remember the water will expand as it freezes, so this will really leave you at the half way point when it's ice.
 We put an upside down glass in so we would have a hole to tie a string through to hang it. Don't put your glass too close to the rim or you won't have a sturdy place to put a rope through.  Then we set it outside to freeze. Next, we got an ice cube tray, filled it half way with water and then we mixed paints in all the trays to make pretty colors.

 I guess you are supposed to use food color, but all I had was the all natural ones for baking, and those are like 17.00  a set, so we just used paint.
 Also, if you have a boy who painted a black eye on himself, your paints are guaranteed to be more vibrant.
We set them out to freeze as well.
The next day, we popped out the frozen cubes and arranged them how we wanted them in our ornament.
I carried it outside, and then we poured the coldest tap water,
so it just about covered the cubes.
Remember expansion!
The next day, after all was frozen solid, we brought our art in. We ran some hot water over the top, not a lot, just enough to release the ice from the pan, and the glass from it's spot. We put some twine through, and there you have it,

A thing of beauty!

It's more so glimmering in the light, but I missed that photo op, as the day grew gray quickly....
So go make your own if you really want to see it in all it's glory!


Heart Rockin Mama said...

so cool!!

Shel said...

Love it!

Amber said...

now that is so cool. Creative bunch you

Stephanie said...

I keep thinking that I want to do some towers again, but it hasn't been cold enough during the day to freeze a bunch of bowls, and then I forget about at night...
Truthfully, 'tis quite alright with me if'n we get cheated out of more days that are only in the mid twenties!!!

varunner said...

We did this too about a week or so ago and blogged about it :-) It turned out so pretty that when it melted we decided to make a more permanent version with melted crayons and wax paper and an iron.

julie said...

We have been meaning to do that for a few days and I keep forgetting. The problem here is that it will freeze at night but then melt by noon.