Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dissolving Egg Experiment #2

When I told the kids that they could remove the shell of an egg with out breaking it, well they wanted to see it happen with their own eyes.

 We started this experiment on Sunday afternoon by putting an egg in vinegar.
I explained that the vinegar is an acid and will dissolve all of the calcium in the shell causing it to dissolve away, and all we would have left is the rubbery membrane below.
The bubbles that form on the shell and rise to the surface is carbon dioxide which results from the chemical reaction.
The next morning we stared into the jar to see where we were at.

There are particles, too tiny to truly identify, they look like white fuzz or sediment. We noticed all these white spots on our egg.
Not much change during the day.
On Tuesday morning, we noticed  a lot of changes! There were cracks running all over the surface of the egg, and some more stuff floating in the water, definitely more white than brown.
I thought that we should change the vinegar out, to really finish the job.
By the time we came home that evening, a huge change!
No more brown and the consistency has changed dramatically, there is no more shell, it feels very much like a grape.

You can bounce it lightly on the table.
 Very cool!
So eggciting! ( insert eye roll here...)
It was very cool to shine a light through it.
K thought maybe alien eggs look like this.
This experiment was also found in "Chemistry For Every Kid" by Janice Van Cleave. It is experiment #44 The Naked Egg, page 94.


ladybug-zen said...

ooooo awesome! i think i remember doing this when i was a kid. i was very freaked out by the texture of the egg for some reason.

the boys would love this though. can't wait to try it with them.

Kim said...

So cool! Stealing this one for sure! :)

Kim said...

So cool! Stealing this one for sure! :)

Andrea said...

Well I have a bunch of frozen things with food coloring in them all over the deck, I guess I will get some jars and vinegar out too! Fun stuff! Lovin' it! I will work on some pictures one of these days!

Shel said...

That is so cool! I love the picture of the light shining through the naked egg! :)

ladybug-zen said...

we did this pretty much immediately after seeing your blogpost and so jsut wanted to let ya know what's going on with our egg. it's about 1/4 bigger now than yesterday when we first started. when we first put it in the vinegar it began bobbing up and down, slowly floating from the bottom of the jar to the top of the top of the vinegar. very funny. did yours do that? this morning when we took it out to change the vinegar the boys noticed it was very rubbery and the little one was freaked out, just like i was when i was little and did this. again, funny! and so right now the outside brown pigment is almost totally gone so i guess it's almost finished?? what do you think?