Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Bad things going on with the incubator. Everything was fine when we left for our day out all day yesterday. When i returned, the incubator read 97.6 degrees.
 Not good.
And then I noticed this.
Which is a chick pipping out.
 But it's only day 18.
and then this morning he was like this.
 and then all the way like this

Preemie anythings aren't good.
His yolk has not fully retracted into his body. So I now have him/her and it's shell all wrapped up in moist paper towels, hoping to have him live through the next 24 hours so his yolk retracts. I had to do this to a few from the last hatch. Some made it, some did not.
I candled other eggs for movement, but it's really hard to tell.
I have a bad feeling though, as nothing really moved.
To top it off. I woke every two hours last night to get the temps to stabilize at 100.
 Everything was golden for two checks. Then I woke up after a brief 4 hour rest to find the temps back down to 98.0.
 I have no clue what the hell is wrong. I think the incubator is malfunctioning.
It's just weird and really sucky.
And sad.
These guys were so close, and now they are probably mostly not going to hatch. I will give it a few days over the 21 day mark and start opening them to see what may have happened.
Damn it.
 Send good vibes for early dude. He is cute and has a chance. 1 would be a pathetic hatch, but better than 0.
Didn't see this coming.


Stephanie said...

aaaaw, I'm so sorry K. So bummed for you. Sending good vibrations to Hatchling.

varunner said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry! Hoping some of them will make it. Poor little guy.

Shel said...

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! That's so sad.

I wonder what's up with the incubator? Very strange. I don't know if you know anyone who can take a look at it and see what's wrong, but if not you can give my Dad a call or stop on by. He's in the business of repairing machines like that and I am sure he would be able to figure out what's up with it. If it gets fixed and you need someone to egg-sit give my Mom a call, she's usually around and a huge animal lover!

Sending lots of good vibes your way for the eggs!

mamak said...

Thanks guys. I am pretty sure that the thermostat had an issue or still has. I have figured out how to keep it in the right range after hours of temp adjustments. Shell, this hatch is pretty much over. Once this one is done. I will try and figure what went wrong. I might have your dad look at it or just order the replacement part.
My main goal is keeping this lone chick going. If we get any others, well that would be a great surprise! Thanks for your thoughts.

jessye said...

So sad! Hope the little one can hang on.....

Three Mommies said...

Oh bummer! Hope the little guy pulls through. Since both my kids were preemies I really want him/her to make it.

julie said...

I sure hope he pulls through - poor little guy!

I feel partly responsible since it was my crappy incubator : (

mamak said...

Julie! totally not your fault. I was having temp fluctuations in the room it was in. Since I have moved the incubator up here, it's been more stable. The thermostat still has issues, but it's more managable. Totally not your fault!