Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We are so corny.

In a snakey way.
Yep, we have 3 new additions on the creek.
Corn Snakes.
K is not much of an animal guy. He tolerates the dogs, not into the barn, or any of those animals. Actually, the smell of most of those animals repulses him. I can not tell you how many times he has run from inside the barn out to fresh air, gagging.
It just smells like a barn...
So he has found much pleasure in reptiles.
He really wanted a shark, but that's not really feesible.
I mean I do what I can, but..
He then really wanted a ball python.
They require a little more snake knowledge than we posses at this time.
He then fell in love with a Lavender King snake, but the pet store wanted 165.00 for it.
So we went home to research which snake might be good fo us.
It was the corn snake.
They are AWESOME, gentle, come in so many colors, and can breed easily.
You know about me and my love of watching babies of all species come to be...
So we ordered 1 male, and 2 females.
I was not going to drop wads of cash on housing, so we visited you tube and other sources on the net, and learned how to make our own snake containers.
It was so easy.
A rubbermaid

solder holes,

attach heater,

which is running hot, so thermostats have been ordered.
Add substrate, and recycled hides.

And here are our new friends!
E's sunkist Corn who has been named Star/Hidey.

She's really pretty and sweet.
K's strikey/ stripey who is a carmel motley corn.

He is pretty scared and strikes a lot, in a few months he'll be calmer.
He's the male.
And M's cremesicle corn, which actually is not a true corn,

but a hybrid with some sort of rat snake in the history.
M took the naming very seriously.

Her final and only name is Hazel.
Good stuff!
Next up: Feeding, which is not for the faint of heart.
And yes there is video.
Because it's me.


varunner said...

Interesting on the corn snakes. Sounds like a fun thing for the kids. One of my friends in college had one and it got out and got lost. She found it 6 months later under the stove drawer! LOL!

Shel said...

You are such a cool Mom!

Kim said...


Kim said...

BTW, I showed Jack the snake pics and now he wants one...a girl and a boy so we can have babies :) I'm all for it, but Joe's gonna be a hard sell! Let me know how they work out!

mamak said...

I'll give you two of our babies, one from each mom so they can make there own babies for you! You kinda have to get over having dead mice in your freezer...