Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This week

We have been trying to keep it slow and catch up on things that need doing, as last week was hell on wheels, and next week looks to be just as busy.
I usually hate to run around so much, but it seems like scheduling the crap out of the week seems to keep me from loosing my mind in the dreary, cold winter.
So I make myself crazy and run run run.
Then when we have some stay at home for a few days in your pj's, well that's just fine by me!

We checked out an Opera for kids on Sunday.

It was pretty good. We have seen many theatre productions,

but this was the first in which they did everything in front of the kids, make up, set changes, just so they could see everything involved.
I have been trying very hard not to let the season get to me this year, I seem to suffer from SAD. So, I have been buying plants to keep me seeing green, vibrant things. We decided to do some indoor gardening to help rejuvinate us and the plants.

It was a good smell, that damp soil.

Everybody was excited to play in the dirt.

We also decided to paint some pots,

in which to plant some Hyacinth's in to help liven things up even more, and that smell!
We can't wait!

We worked on our Valentine's day cards.


It's been a nice relaxed week, so far.
The wii has brought us much entertainment. our current faves are: Lego star wars, Punch out, Boom Blox. Mario Cart, and Fishing Master.
Isn't K ridiculously cute in his pink striped footies? As you may have guessed they were bought for M, but she found the footies intolerable. K fell in love and snatched them up. He even named them. They are not Pj's or footies, nope, those right there are his beloved Oompays!
Love that.
We have a concert of Christmas songs to go to at Yale tomorrow.
Yep, Christmas songs!
It was cancelled during the holidays due to a storm and was rescheduled. It will be fun to hear some merry tunes one more time.
Christmas seems so long ago already.


Stephanie said...

Sooo fun!
Love that opera!
We're just now startingto attend things like that, as before Trev wasn't ready, and Madd was too young.
But bring them on, now!! :)
Love the oompays.
Maddie is seen a LOT in Trev's cast-offs. :) (well, at home, anyway.)

varunner said...

I feel you on the winter blues. You have done some fun things to keep busy! :-)

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Fun, fun, fun!
We haven't done many performances. I'll have to look into some.

Shel said...

Love the Valentine's! Fabulous!
Dave is a big fan of Lego StarWars. The girls love to watch and Grace usually requests that Princess Leia be on the screen. Fun!
Enjoy the Christmas songs at Yale! Is it being held at Battelle (sp?) Chapel? That place has amazing acoustics! :)

mamak said...

Have fun at the theatre, it's so great!
Varunner ( forgetting your name!) Winter blues suck!
Jean! Go!
Shel- It's at Woolsey hall. Should be good!