Sunday, January 31, 2010

Science Fair project #1

As for one of our science projects, we decided to do a little art via evaporation.
In order to show the kids easily that water does turn into a gas when exposed to heat/air, we fist made a salt solution using 1/4 cup water, and three tablespoons of salt.
Next we used black construction paper, and paint brushes.
We had to make sure to dip in the solution and stir before every brush stroke to ensure salt was in the mixture, as it tends to settle at the bottom.
We painted our messages, and designs, and put them in a low set oven (150-175 degrees) for about 10 mins.
When we took them out, it was quite apparent that all of the water did indeed evaporate, and we were only left with the salt crystals adorning our paper. My camera did not catch all the little sparkly rainbows dancing off the crystals in the sun. It was pretty, but I think it needed more salt in the water, so if we did this again I would increase the salt by a few tablespoons.
We like sparklies.

This experiment was from the book "Chemistry For Every Kid" by Janice VanCleave
It is experiment #62, titled Crystal Ink, on page 132.


Stephanie said...

We have that book, too, but I haven't seen that one.
We like sparklies, too. :D

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love the science project. I think we will do that esp since we talked about water evaporation last week.

It was good to talk to you and thanks for your help on the books!!

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